Monday, February 24, 2014

Moving house... AGAIN

Okay, so I've been in DC for a total of 5 months and since moving here, I have lived in 2 different places. As of this weekend, I have officially made that 3! I had never intended on staying here for longer than a month or 2, but surprisingly, -- or not surprisingly? This city is so exciting! -- DC stole my heart and I've decided to stick around for a long time. This decision may or may not be heavily influenced by a certain Gentleman who also stole my heart and turned my life upside down. Let's call him Mr. E.

My story with Mr. E will come later.

So, I have just moved out of my 2nd short-term place in DC, -- a beautiful row house in Capital Hill -- and into a funky little 2 story loft apartment in Gallery Place. This time, I have decided to commit and will call it home for at least a YEAR!

With all this change and excitement, comes the thrilling yet daunting task of decorating. Can I just say that I LOVE TO DECORATE. I think I get it from my Mom, -- she has a blog too! Click on 'Mom' if you want to see some less flattering pictures of me and stories about my crazy family -- who happens to be the most creative person I have ever met. Mom, if you're reading this, please get your cute self up to DC and help me!! The problem is, the space is not so large -- living in DC is almost like living in NYC, you can spend lots of money on rent for a tiny amount of space -- and I have to squeeze some rather large furniture into it. The list of things I need to get is growing by the second and I know this is going to be a long process. I tend to be very indecisive, so I know this will be full of trial and error. I can't wait to begin and turn it into my new home! I hope to post pictures of the process, slow but steady, so y'all can be right there with me. Any and ALL advice is welcome!

Until next time, loves...