Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pantless in Kansas City

In the flight attendant world, a "quick call" is one of the worst or best things that can happen to your day. This basically means that scheduling calls you to say that you have been assigned to a trip that leaves in a few hours and you need to get your ass to the airport, pronto! A quick call can definitely brighten your day when they tell you to pack for somewhere exciting like Montego Bay or Las Vegas. Well, being a flight attendant in DC is fairly laid back. I typically know what to expect and where I will probably be going each day or week. Quick calls aren't a common thing, usually we are assigned a trip the night before or many hours before leaving. So, as I'm sitting in my little loft, tired from a long night of flying the day before, drinking my coffee about to start a blog post, I hear the dreaded "ring" and I nearly jumped out of my seat. I have a specific ring for when scheduling calls me, it's loud, piercing and to be honest, it makes my heart stop every time I hear it. Side note, did you know that you can customize your vibration for text messages and phone calls?! I learned this trick after the IOS 7 update and I have taken full advantage of it. Not only is there a shrill ring but the vibration goes a little something like... dun dun dun dunnnnnn. Well upon answering, the lovely lady on the other end of the phone informed me that I would be going away on a 2-day trip, overnighting in Kansas City, as in Missouri. Not the most glamourous trip, but hey, that's the job sometimes. Having to be at the airport in an hour is no easy feat. I put on my uniform, grabbed my bags and ran out the door.

After a long day of flying, I ended up in Kansas City around 10:30pm. I was quick to bed, knowing that I wouldn't have to leave the hotel and head back to the airport until 3pm the next day and I would have plenty of time to explore. That next morning I got up to get ready to meet one of the other flight attendants for a girls morning and some lunch. I reached into my suitcase, only to find my spare uniform, a few casual shirts, a big coat, obviously fresh undies and bras, a pair of J Crew flats, my toiletries and makeup and that's it. Am I missing something there? Yeah, you guessed it. I had no pants. I was horrified. I usually have my favorite pair of black skinnies and a pair of jeans in my suitcase at all times, but of course I took them out to wash the night before and was too frazzled from the "quick call" to remember. So here I am, pantless in Kansas City and about to call off the whole day we had planned, when I remembered that I had my work pants sitting on the bed from flying the night before. So I was off, in a cute Banana Republic black and white polkadot sweater, my red J Crew flats with gold studs, my fave Rebecca Minkoff 3-zip black clutch with gold hardware and my wide leg navy blue work pants. Pause for a quick giggle. Confident I was not, but I managed to get out the door and onto the streets of Kansas City. All in all it was a neat city, although I didn't see many people out and about. Before leaving we stopped and had a great lunch at Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ where I ordered cheesy corn, smokey baked beans, beef "burnt ends" and pork spare ribs -- I know that sounds like a lot of food, but when in Kansas City, right?

I'll leave y'all with a few pictures. No, I don't have any pictures of my little get-up, as I'm trying to forget about the whole disaster of an outfit. Never again will I leave without ensuring that all my necessities are packed.

Ya live and ya learn...

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