Monday, May 5, 2014

Barrett goes to Prom

I missed another Five on Friday last week, and I'm not happy about it! After a long week of work, all I wanted to do was jump on a plane and go home to North Carolina to help my little sister go to her first prom! It wasn't as easy as I had hoped... I got back from work around 7pm Thursday afternoon and decided to stay at the airport to try and catch the 10:50pm flight home. One of the perks of being a flight attendant is that I fly free, anywhere at any time. But, I fly standby, which means I don't have a guaranteed seat. Needless to say, the flight ended up being completely full and I realized that I had sat at the airport for 4 hours for nothing! My sweet, Mr. E gallantly came to pick to me up so I could try to get some sleep before the early flight the next morning. I luckily got on that flight and was immediately swept up into the 'pre-prom' routine. Hence why I didn't have time to put up my Five on Friday post!

My family was hosting the pictures and we expected to have about 18 high schoolers and all their parents at our house. My mom is literally the hostess with the mostest and had planned the cutest get together. We had a beautiful table set out on our front porch full of yummy treats. In true Southern Belle fashion, my little sister, Barrett, baked bowtie shaped sugar cookies and iced them to perfection. We had a big bowl of fluffy cotton candy, chicken salad pastries, pimento cheese and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries and Arnold Palmers in a big pitcher. Not only that but my mom had made some amazing props for all the prom-goers to take pictures with. We had big empty frames, funny hats and all kinds of mustaches, sunglasses and other things to cover your face. One of my jobs was to write "Prom 2014" on a little chalkboard sign.

I was also in charge of everything beauty related for my little sister. I took her to get her nails done and she chose this beautiful pale pink color with gold glitter on her ring fingers as an accent nail. I took her to her hair appointment and made sure it was exactly what she wanted, half-up with a little body and loosely curled. After all of that, I did her makeup. I ended up almost exactly recreating the first prom look I demoed in my blog post from a few weeks ago! I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and created a pinky-gold, shimmery look with black gel winged liner, a few individual false lashes at the outer corners and a soft pink lip.

All in all it turned out spectacular! Barrett looked absolutely stunning in her Lily Pulitzer full length dress and everyone seemed to really enjoy and appreciate all the thought that we had put in to the everything. Don't you just miss prom?


  1. Your sister looked gorgeous! Great job on the makeup -- it's perfection!

  2. Your sister looks beautiful! :)

  3. Wow! Barrett looks awesome. It's a pretty rockin' thing to see you all participate with the preparations with elegance and ease. The treats all look yummy. Haha! Anyway, the next part of prom preparations is usually the ride, for which I'm sure was also taken cared of well. May you keep that goodwill to your chests going forward. All the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine Of Indianapolis


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