Friday, May 27, 2016


I'm so excited to get back into Five on Friday, thanks to darci, april, christina + natasha!

1. Katie and Scott's Wedding
I'm a couple weeks late sharing this, but my dear friends Katie and Scott got married a few weekends ago and it was magical! I'm still dreaming about the lovely view they had while they said their vows--they were standing out on a third-story porch that overlooked downtown DC! If anyone is around the DC area, then you'll know we had a span of 20 days where it rained constantly, but there was 1 in the middle of those 20 that the rain stopped and the sun came out in full force. Thankfully, that day was Katie and Scott's wedding!! Katie and Scott both went to college with me and Katie was in my sorority. Eric met them when they moved to DC, and we have the best time exploring the city and trying new restaurants together these past couple of years! Also, I have to mention, I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET... cough cough... Eric...

2. Brittany and Brandon's Engagement Party...
As I said in my last post, my older sister is getting married to her high school sweetheart in October!! Brittany and Brandon got engaged around the holiday season last year and we waited to throw their engagement party once the weather got warmer. Her fiance's mom was gracious enough to host the party last weekend and I have to say, she completely outdid herself! The wedding was Thai themed, since Britt and Brandon are planning on going to Thailand for their Honeymoon. I'm going to do a full post about the party, so I'll just leave you with a few of my favorite pictures!

3. Paintings for friends...
I am still baffled by the amount of support I've received from friends and family with my art. Painting was something that I did as a hobby in my spare time and to think that I'm now having people commission lil-ole-me to create custom pieces, is blowing my mind. I can't thank everyone enough for reaching out and trusting me with such special projects! My most recent pieces were for dear friends of mine, Cassie and Maddie Gardner. They asked me to paint their 2 family dogs as a Mother's Day gift for their Mom! I had already painted 2 other dogs for the Gardner family as Christmas gifts, and I'm thankful they keep coming back for more! I'm also very lucky that they have so many precious animals in their lives!

4. Penguin on a plane...
I can officially say that I've had the COOLEST passengers on a flight, ever. A few weeks ago, Busch Gardens was transferring 2 penguins and an alligator from Boston to Tampa and I was lucky enough to be working that flight! As soon as I heard about our extra special passengers, I became the biggest fan-girl and tried to get a sneak peak before they boarded. Unfortunately, the animals were covered up in their carriers and were being heavily guarded by their caretakers. Each of them had their own row of seats where their crate sat, strapped in with a seat belt extender next to their human companion. Luckily, one of the nice Busch Gardens staff members was nice enough to stay after our flight deplaned and took out his Penguin for a little photo sesh!

5. Ocean Isle Beach and what I'm reading...
Tomorrow morning Eric and I are packing up and flying down to Ocean Isle Beach for the next 4 days, and can I tell you, I couldn't be more ready. As I'm sitting here next to Eric, who is napping after a long work week, all I can think about is plopping my tush in the sand, with a BIG cocktail, and an awesome book. Right now I'm reading a serious called Throne of Glass. I've always been apprehensive about sharing my latest reads on social media or on my blog because I think I have unique taste. I tend to read Fantasy and Urban Fantasy (not so much the young adult variety though), and Romance (think Fifty Shades, not really The Notebook). Of course I've dabbled in all genres, reading the obligatory Nicholas Sparks novel, Gone Girl, Hunger Games, just to name a few. But, somehow I always tend to go back to these 2 genres. 'Why?' you ask? Well, firstly, I have dubbed myself a Fantasy-Sci-Fi-Steamy-Romance freak and I am realistic enough to know that my taste in literature is not everyone's (or most people's) cup of tea. Secondly, as a flight attendant, I tend to read 1-2 books a week on my Kindle while I'm traveling and I've found that I like quick and easy reads, with many books in a series, that are full of action, adventure and romance. Some of my favorite series' from both genres are: Crossfire (If you liked Fifty Shades, read this. It is SO MUCH BETTER!), The Hollows, Kate Daniels and Chicagoland Vampires. But, if you're one of those gals, or gents, who likes more realistic, easily relatable books, I'm sad to say these may not be for you., this was only supposed to be about the beach? Oops...

If anyone does find my book-blabbering interesting, I'd be happy to go into more detail about my favorite reads in another post!

 The Last time we were at OIB, it was cold and rainy!!

This will be my view in 18 hours!!

Have a fabulous Memorial Weekend, y'all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but my incredible older sister, Brittany, is getting married, and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT! She's been dating my soon-to-be brother-in-law for over 9 YEARS, so it wasn't a huge shock, but we're thrilled none-the-less! Brittany and Brandon met in High School and stayed together through college, her nursing school, and his graduate school, which is incredible if you ask me. And to tell you the truth, as I'm sitting here thinking about how long Britt and Brandon have been together, it makes me feel like the measly 2.5+ years Eric and I have been dating is no time at all!

They've set the date for late October and are in the middle of the super fun, but incredibly stressful planning process. Obviously, I'm not the one who's engaged, but somehow I do feel a sense of relief that Brittany is getting married first and our whole family can learn about this entire world together! There are so many vendors to choose from, so many little details to plan out, and even though we've had over a year to plan, there still seems to be so little time to get it all done!

The most exciting part of it all, in my opinion, is that I am Co-Maid of Honor! The 3 of us Odom girls have been so close our entire lives, we never even thought about choosing just 1 sister to have the honor. And believe me, I am very grateful for our little sister, Barrett, who thankfully gets to share this responsibility with me!

This is the first time I've ever been a member of a Bridal party, let alone a Maid of Honor, so I'm taking it all in and trying to learn as I go. Amidst planning the bachelorette party and a bridal shower, I am scouring different department stores and websites to find the perfect bridesmaid dress! Brittany has chosen for us all to wear long black dresses, which is fabulous because who doesn't look good in black? Boy am I thankful to have a sister who has excellent taste and won't force me to wear some sort of gown that rivals the one from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She's even decided to let all the Bridesmaids choose their own individual dresses, as long as it meets her list of requirements! Her specifications are: no cutouts, floor-length, all black, with only accents of gold, silver or nude, bling is welcome (just not too glitzy), and a respectable neckline. Somehow, with these basic guidelines and only myself to please, I have learned that either there aren't a ton of long formal black dresses within my price-range, or I'm just being ridiculously picky... probably the latter. 

Do I want lace? Satin? Strapless? Sleeves? Sparkle? Who knows? I sure don't!

Who would have thought this would be so difficult for me? I've been on the hunt for the perfect dress, and have even bought a few different options, only to return them after changing my mind. I just want to find something elegant and chic, but I also won't stand out too much, this is Brittany's day after all!

I'll leave you with a few of my favorites. Which one do you like best?

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P.S. Bella Hadid, because I know you're bound to read this (a girl can dream), I will certainly take
your dreamy Givenchy Met Gala dress. Please and thanks. I'm sure my sister wouldn't mind me wearing this standing next to her at the alter... Right? :D