Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Our Venue, The Sutherland Estates

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I've decided to start sharing details about our wedding every week. I think it will be so nice to look back and relive the planning process once the big day has come and gone. Today, I'm sharing a little bit about our venue!

Eric and I got engaged about a month before my older sister's wedding (yes, my poor parents are experiencing back to back weddings!). Because of that, we knew we wanted to have a good amount of time separating Brittany and Brandon's wedding and ours. Brittany had been dating the same sweet guy for a whopping 10 years, so she needed her moment to shine and enjoy it and not have to hear about my wedding!

About a month after Britt's wedding, in November of last year, we decided to start looking at venues. The Sutherland was the first venue that Eric and I looked at and the moment we got out of the car we knew it was special. We had decided we wanted an 'all-in-one' venue, meaning the ceremony and reception were at the same place. Eric is from Boston and he has friends and family traveling in from all over the country, so simplifying things for our guests and having one venue worked best for us.

Of course, we went and looked at other venues in the area soon after, but couldn't get this place out of our heads and decided to commit to it pretty quickly. We chose May 5th, 2018 as our date, so hopefully the late spring weather will be nice and warm! I also love the fact that it's Cinco de Mayo. Maybe we'll have a margarita as our signature cocktail or a late night taco bar once the dancing is underway?! We definitely won't be having a Mexican theme, but I'd say a few sweet little elements would be kind of special.

The Sutherland has a fairytale, plantation, garden, romantic, rustic feel, all rolled into one (can you tell I love it?)! The big white house has been around since the early 1800's and is the most perfect Southern estate. They have different sections on their property for all the different events. I'll explain as I go!

Image from Classy Transportation

The Sutherland

The upstairs of the main house is where the bridal party gets ready. It's full of windows that let in an abundance of natural light along with vintage furniture and plenty of mirrors to glam.

The Sutherland

Nancy Ray Photography

One of my favorite parts is the little cottage where the groom and groomsmen get ready. I'm obsessed with those cowhide chairs and I love the addition of the chandelier!

The Sutherland

Our guests will enter in on the side of the house. Through that wrought Iron door is where our ceremony will be (start praying for no rain!!!).

The Sutherland

Dara Blakeley Photography

The ceremony garden is actually turf and not grass, so no mud or dirt, which is a major plus in my book! I love how there's a little built in stone stage where Eric and I will stand. It's literally perfect exactly how it is, so I don't think we'll be adding very much decor to this area!

The Sutherland

Cocktail hour will be in the space beside the house, which is equipped with a built in stone bar and a gorgeous gazebo. We haven't figured out how we'll use the gazebo yet, it's been used to hold the wedding cake, but I'm thinking about having a memory table where we'll feature pictures of loved ones who aren't with us anymore. What do you think? Suggestions?

The Sutherland

The reception will be in this fully closed-in pavilion, that has glass doors that can be opened up on a nice night. It is right off the cocktail area space and is big and open inside. I'll show more pictures of the inside another time, since I'll be having to make some decisions about lighting and decor later down the road!

Looking at these pictures, I'm starting to get so excited for our big day! I can't believe we still have about 14 months until we actually get married, but I know time will fly by so quickly. I need to do my research on anti-rain dances though, because rain and this venue don't mix too well. We need to start planning our rain plan. Say a prayer, friends!!


  1. Your venue is stunning, gal! I know this wedding will be perfect. Go ahead and make the rain plan now, and then you won't need it!

    Southern Style

    1. Thank you so much, I'm in love with it!! You're right, a rain plan will definitely help ease my worries... another thing to add to my to-do list! :)


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