Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Updates and To-Do List

Happy Wedding Wednesday, and apparently Happy National Wedding Planning day (thanks for letting me know, Zelle)!

This weekend, Eric and I drove down to Raleigh to see my family and to look at apartments (more about that another time!!). Since I'm currently living in DC, my mom has been the absolute best MOB by going to most of the wedding related appointments without me (bless her). Luckily we had some spare time on Friday and decided to stop by my venue to just walk around and talk out some ideas. I am still just as in love with The Sutherland as I was when I first saw it!

I decided that for this WW (Wedding Wednesday) I'm going to list out everything we've done so far, since I haven't mentioned anything except the venue, and what's on my immediate to-do list! Luckily my older sister got married in Raleigh last fall, so we have a pretty decisive list of amazing and wonderful vendors that we want to work with!

What I've done so far:

Found a Venue
The Sutherland in Wake Forest / Raleigh, NC.

Picked a Date
Eric and I decided on May 5th, 2018, and I'm actually super excited to share my wedding day and anniversary date with Cinco de Mayo! We're really hoping for warm, beautiful weather during our outdoor ceremony, but I'm already working on a rain plan JUST IN CASE!

Booked our Photographer
Choosing a photographer was one of the easier decisions we've made! Jillian Knight is actually a good friend of my sister's and took the most beautiful pictures for Brittany and Brandon's wedding, as well as for most of the events and festivities leading up to their big day. I have to say that I am in love with her work. She has a way of finding the most beautiful light in any location (I love a nice lens flair) and I can't wait to work with her!

Cake By Cinda's Creative Cakes and picture by Jillian Knight

Picked our Wedding Cake Baker (designer...? artist...? what do you call it?)
Again, we're using the same cake designer as my sister (surprise, surprise). Cinda's Creative Cakes created such a beautiful cake for Brittany and Brandon. Not to mention she has about a THOUSAND flavors and fillings to choose from. We haven't really delved into the cake process yet, so I'll fill you in more once we start making those decisions!

Booked our band 
You guessed it, we decided to go with the same band (sort of) as my sister. The band we're using is Irresistible Groove, which was formerly named Groovetown. The band has made a few adjustments since my sister's wedding, but I'm still very excited to work with them! They have a song list that's a mile long with every sort of genre and style included and they'll even learn a few new songs just for our wedding! Now we need to think about a first dance song...

Said Yes to the Dress!!
I won't go into too much detail (hi Eric!), but I'll be sure to write a post about my experience dress shopping on another WW!

What is next up on my list:

Ask my Bridesmaids and Maids of Honor
I know who I want to be in my wedding party and I know how I want to ask, I just need to do it!! I'm really excited for this...

Figure out how to create my invitations
Being a graphic designer and artist, I've always known that I wanted to design my own invitations. I'm in the process of looking into different stationery companies and printers that will help me to create and execute my vision. I also need to figure out what I want our Save the Dates to look like!

Decide on the florist
My mom and I are going to set up a few meetings with different florists in the next month or so. I have a vision of what I'd like for the flowers, but we need to decide which florist understands my style and (most importantly) is on budget!

Choose a caterer
We've narrowed our list down to 2 caterers and we really need to figure out which one will work better for us. Once we finally pick one, we'll set up a tasting to decide on our menu!

Phew! It's almost therapeutic to get all of this out of my head! That's it for wedding talk.

Until next time, loves...

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